Geraniums are easy to grow flowers that are very attractive in your home flower garden.  Geraniums come in many varieties and colors and can also be grown as indoor houseplants.  If grown outside in our garden they will quickly spread to cover large areas if not kept well pruned.

Geranium Varieties

Each different variety of geraniums is specifically cultivated for certain characteristics:  leave size or shape, color, hardiness, etc.  These characteristics set the geranium apart from others.

Rooting Geraniums

Geraniums can be rooted in water by cutting about a four inch piece from a healthy plant.  You should dip the cut end in a rooting hormone mix and then place the cutting into a small pot filled with a mix of perlite and water.  It takes about six weeks for the roots to grow.

Growing Geraniums

Once the roots take hold you can transplant the cutting into well drained soil.  Wait until the roots are about one inch long before you transplant.  Then place the plant in bright (but not too hot) sunlight and give plenty of water.  You will soon have a beautiful flowering geranium plant that is an exact duplicate of the parent plant!

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