Summer and spring are the best times of the year to take geranium cuttings and to root new geranium plants. Remember to always make your cuts using a very, very clean scissors or knife as geraniums are particularly susceptible to rot if you use blades that are not clean. You can easily sterilize your blades by a quick rub down with some rubbing alcohol. Remember, too, that when you switch from plant to plant clean the blades each time so you don’t contaminate one plant with another.

Here’s a suggested routine for taking geranium cuttings and rooting new plants.  It’s fun, easy to do, and you can have great looking new geranium plants taken from your existing geranium cuttings:

  1. Fill the new plant container with equal parts of coarse sand and vermiculite.  Most gardeners have discovered that a pot 3-4 inches deep is the best size for new geranium cuttings.
  2. Take careful stock of the parent plant and choose a stem that seems both healthy and vibrant.  Cut off a stem tip that is approximately 4″ in length.
  3. Remove all the buds from the stem and also remove the bottom one half of leaves from the stem.
  4. Most gardeners find it most effective to dip 1/2 inch of the cut end into rooting hormone to give the plant a boost in it’s new growth.
  5. Place your new geranium cutting into your pot do a depth of approximately 1 1/2 inches.  Firm up the soil around the cutting.
  6. Some home gardeners find it effective to create a mini-greenhouse effect by surrounding the pot with a small plastic bag.  Provide plenty of bright light but avoid direct sunlight.
  7. Each week make sure to check the soil and make sure it’s a bit moist but not soggy.  The cuttings might also benefit from an increase in humidity  by spraying them with a spray bottle of water.
  8. After about one month the geranium cuttings should have taken root.  Tug gently and if they hold the ground then they have rooted.
  9. Continue to grow the cuttings in bright light but not direct sun.  If you do re-pot them make certain to maintain the same soil line and plant depth when re-potting.

With a bit of care you, too, can grow great looking geranium plants at home.  Your summer garden will be populated with geranium cuttings that have sprouted into beautiful flowering geranium plants!

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