Taking geranium cuttings from Ivy Geraniums is easy to do. These beautiful trailing geraniums look great in hanging baskets and window boxes and can be easily grown from cuttings.

Remember to prepare the soil properly before propagating geraniums. You should have a soil pH somewhere between 5.1 and 5.6. If you use a standard potting soil mix add some peat moss to it to lower the pH. Some added vermiculite will also aid in drainage and lighten the potting soil mix, helping your young geranium plants grow better.

Taking the Geranium Cuttings

You should plan on cutting three or four inches from the growing tip end of the branches sometime during the fall. Take off the leaves from the bottom two inches and push them into your potting soil mixture. It wouldn’t hurt to dip the ends in a standard rooting hormone before planting to aid in their growth. Keep the cuttings watered well and in bright light, but out of direct sunshine. An ideal temperature is between 65 and 72 degrees.

Grow Geraniums From Seeds

Certain types of geraniums can be grown from seeds. Sow them in small pots and make sure to cover gently with about 1/8 of soil. Keep the soil moist by using a spray bottle so as not to disturb the soil. Wrap the pot in a plastic bag loosely tied. No light is needed for the seeds to germinate, but keep them warm and above 70 degrees. In about two weeks the seeds will germinate. Once you see the small leaves, remove
the plastic bag and place the seedlings in a sunny location or under some indoor fluorescent light bulbs for fourteen hours a day.

As your new geranium seedlings grow, make certain to provide them with a dose of 1/2 strength liquid fertilizer each week. Once they have a few solid leaves remove the weaker ones.

Make certain your plants are hardened before moving them outdoors permanently.

With care and caution you can grow dozens of great geranium cuttings each year!

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