It’s obvious to me that taking Geranium Cuttings from geranium plants is one of the fastest and simplest ways to propagate beautiful flowering garden plants. It’s really as easy as cutting the stem from one of your mother plants and letting it sit for a day or so to callous over.

This cut stem will then dry out. Once the callus is formed it seems to encourage the geranium cutting to began to root. Just stick this stem into a small container of potting mixture and water it thoroughly. In a week or so you will see that the cutting has roots and it’s now a perfect clone of the original plant! You can easily make dozens of new geraniums from one plant by propagating geranium cuttings.

Encourage your friends and neighbors to share the various varieties of geraniums from their plant collection. You can do the same and soon the neighborhood will be awash with new geranium plants from old geranium cuttings! Think of the glorious geranium flowers that will fill the neighborhood!

Geranium plants were once considered to be rare and exotic. But today they are one of America’s favorite flowering plants. Virtually every home garden has beautiful flowering geraniums to add color and texture to the landscape.

Today’s geranium plants all come from the original Geranium Inquinans which is native to South Africa. In fact, no other than Thomas Jefferson was famous for growing geraniums and learned of these beautiful plants while visiting Paris in 1760. During his stay in France he grew and propagated geraniums

Remember: take Geranium Cuttings and share them with your friends and family!

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