Geranium plants are one of the most popular flowering plants in the world. Taking is one of the easiest ways to start new plants and to add to your geranium garden. Cuttings from geraniums are quite easy to propagate and geranium propagation is something that most home gardeners can do with little gardening experience. Rooting geranium cuttings and growing them is something that any home gardener can do. Propagating geraniums is easy if you know the proper techniques.

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Geranium care takes time and patience. When geraniums are in their flowering season more attention from the gardener is needed to keep the plants in full bloom and in glorious color. Having a schedule for proper plant fertilizing is important to the growth of your geranium cuttings and helps to insure your plant reaches it’s full blooming potential.

Geranium plants come in the following colors:

  • Red geraniums
  • White geraniums
  • Pink geraniums
  • Variegated geraniums
  • Orange geraniums

How to Take Geranium Cuttings

Care must be taken when cutting your geraniums. All of your tools must be very clean because geraniums are very susceptible to fungal diseases that cause stem rot. Having clean cutting utensils is important to avoiding stem rot.

The pots you use for your cuttings should be washed in a very mild bleach solution and rinsed thoroughly.

Using a sharp knife, razor blade or scissors cut about a four or five inch piece from the growing end of the plant. Make your cut just below a leaf joint on the geranium plant. Then remove all of the leaves on the pant cutting with the exception of the top three to five leaves. After cutting place the cuttings on a piece of newspaper and leave them for 3-7 days until a callus forms on the cut end. Remember to mark the paper so that you know which color the geranium cuttings are. The cut end will ultimately dry up and shrivel, and the remaining leaves will wilt. Fear not. The geranium cutting is not dead.

Mix some soil less potting mix with water. The mix needs to be wet but not to the point that water is dripping from the mix. Fill the pot with the mix, make a small hole with your finger or a pencil. Dip the callus end of the geranium cutting in rooting hormone and place it in the hole. Push the soil around the cutting and place it in a sunny window. Your job is complete.

Once you start to see new growth from your cutting you will know that the roots have taken hold. Do not over water the plant. Keep the soil damp but not wet. If the soil feels at all wet to your finger the geranium cutting does not need water.

That’s it. Your beautiful geranium plant will be growing in no time. Your garden will be full of geraniums in the summer season.  Look what you can do with Geranium Cuttings!  Visit the Wikipedia Geranium page for more information. Additional Geranium Information.

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